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Stock# WW Decals 48-16- UH-1D/H- Vietnam and Beyond 



Stock# WW Decals 48-16
Scale: 1/48
Price: $20
Description: Kitty Hawk UH-1D will fit any UH-1D/H

Werner’s Wings is pleased to announce the release of Stock# WW Decals 48-16- UH-1D/H- Vietnam and Beyond. There is something here for everyone. There are markings for 21 aircraft which cover the UH-1D/H in US and Vietnamese service. Three Vietnamese aircraft are included along with additional US Army Hueys used in Vietnam, including one painted up with Air Force paint scheme which was used to spray Agent Orange. Also included is an Air America Huey that shot down a North Vietnamese An-2 Colt and a Navy Huey. An OPFOR and OC aircraft from Hohenfels are included for something very different. A MERDEC camouflaged Huey is in there from Ft Hood. A Multi National Force Huey is included (FYI you can use those markings on any MFO aircraft). A white top VIP Huey from Corpus Christi is there, as well as, a Ft Rucker trainer and Flat Iron bird. And finally a Desert Storm Mickey Mouse Medevac Huey and for my personal friends, a plain Jane UH-1H from my unit in Germany. As you can see the sheet is very full so there are no stencils. You will have to purchase 48-15 if you'd like the stencils. While these are designed to fit the Kitty Hawk UH-1D kit they will easily fit the Esci or Italeri kits. There are a lot of colors on this sheet so that costs money to print.

Don't forget the resin parts to update and correct the Kitty Hawk UH-1D kit are also available from Werner’s Wings as Stock # 48-13 UH-1 ARC-102 Antenna Mounts, Stock# 48-14 UH-1D/H Anti-Strella Set, Stock# 48-15 UH-1D/H Correction Set, Stock# 48-16 UH-1H Upgrades and Stock# 48-17 UH-1 Hoist (early).








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